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"“Most of the time with a (traditional) sponge bath, the baby will cry, and you see the parents turn away,” said PVH Women’s Care Unit RN Edna Sailer, who spearheaded a new swaddle immersion bath protocol for a healthy term newborn. “It can be a bit dramatic for both parent and baby.” That’s why the new protocol of swaddle immersion bathing was instituted."
Stressed About Your Baby's First Baths? Don't Be.
Baby Buzz - January 21, 2019
"But I want you to know that I see you. That I love your kids and that I love you too. And that I know that this hurts for everyone. "
A Letter to the Bio Mom of My Foster Babies
Baby Buzz - January 31, 2019
"“How do you look so good, so soon after having a baby?” "Truth? I adopted.""
Fitness During Pregnancy and Fitness After Baby
Baby Buzz - February 07, 2019
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"My twin boys and myself love this product! It’s so nice that they can enjoy kicking around in the bath longer while staying warm. The corners are great to use on their eyes and convenient especially because my one son tends to have always have a blocked duct. I like the size as well because we will get many months out of this product. Exactly what I was looking for."
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"This swaddle kept my LO warm and helped from slipping in the tub. Every bath, his lips would quiver but now there's no more of that. Love the quick drying material and will keep using this at every bath time."
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"This towel fixed a problem that I didn’t even realize I had! It’s such a nice addition to our infants bath time routine. It not only keeps baby snuggled up and warm but it works fantastic as a soft washcloth. The material is so soft and also easy to grab so no slippery babies. This towel swaddle works so great that I’ll be buying a second for my toddler and maybe a third for when this one is in the wash."
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Sarah Shoemaker
While working at The First Years and Safety 1st, Sarah, the founder, had been a part of warmth as a bathing solution many times, but it never went beyond the tub itself. Then, while watching yet another crying baby bath with a mom using several towels for several purposes, there was an 'aha' moment. The need for a softer approach. Kathleen Grunhovd, my sister, and the world's best seamstress is also on the team as a rapid prototype and production master Melissa Pearson and Jessica Hanson as my nieces engaged in social media, insights and practical, loving, parent ideas. The company name reflects my mom, who is no longer with us, but was undoubtedly proud as we cut out the first prototype at the old farm kitchen table. It is very cool to grace this company with family across the nation.Fulfilling to have a home life, a work life, and a family life intertwined. We look forward to expanding on our line, one 'aha' moment at a time with infant products inspired by parent needs. And we have plans to connect with our community thought leaders trained in different aspects of parenting and child development to aid you along the way. Stay tuned! We've only just begun!
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