What material do you use?

The Warm Hug and Warm Heart are made from super-soft neoprene. A poly/spandex blend. It’s the same quick-drying, warmth-trapping fabric that keeps scuba divers warm. And it’s perfect for keeping your baby happier and more manageable in the bath, too!

Neoprene Warm Hug Bath Swaddle Warm Heart Bath Bib

The Chubber Scrubber is a polyester on one side and cotton on the other. Scrub a-dub-dub!

Wait, you use these products IN the bath?

You sure do! These aren’t hoodie towels or after-bath wraps. They’re made to keep your baby warmer, happier and a lot easier to handle IN the bath.

Sink Bath

How does the fabric keep my baby warm?

When you first feel the Warm Hug or Warm Heart, it may be hard to imagine how they work. But trust us (and every single mom and baby who’ve used them), they do! Just like a swim vest or wet suit, our products use that layer of warm water between your baby and the fabric as a natural insulator.

Why should I use a Warm Hug or Warm Heart?

Bath time can be stressful for you and your little one. But it shouldn’t be. It should be a calm, cozy and cherished time together — one that touches your soul. Our Warm Hug keeps your baby enveloped in a positive and loving environment. And our Warm Heart helps them stay warm to the core while giving them more freedom to move.

Do any hospitals use your products?

While a few “baby-friendly” hospitals are trying swaddle immersion bathing, they’re likely only using a cotton or fleece blanket in the bath. As Hummingbird Infant grows, we’d love to see hospitals using the Warm Hug (don’t hesitate to get in touch!). The Warm Hug is the only immersion swaddler designed for retaining heat in the bath.