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Our Guide to Infant Eczema Care

Our Guide to Infant Eczema Care

Baby bath and eczema go hand in hand. Did you know that babies with eczema are more prone to future food allergies?

We share answers for both. Prevention. 

That’s baby wellness!

Stressed About Your Baby's First Baths? Don't Be.

Stressed About Your Baby's First Baths? Don't Be.

Don't let the Instragrams fool ya, kids. Baby baths aren't as easy as they may look. Babies can be soapy, slippery little guys, and they can get chilled quickly, too. Parents like you said they wanted to take the stress out of first newborn baths and infant baths. Don't be stressed. Here's everything you need to know about a stress free bath. 
How to Shower With Your Baby

How to Shower With Your Baby

It's time for a baby shower! Tips and tricks to giving your baby a shower. And. if you've ever said, "I don't get to shower," we have a hot tip for you, too.
New Colors Launched for Spring!

New Colors Launched for Spring!

Now your baby can be warm, calm, connected and swaddled in spring. And, you can both enjoy bath time.
Parent Inspiration

Parent Inspiration

Inspired by a Dana’s need to be a mommy ninja at her baby’s bath, while softening, warming and calming the experience.
sink baby bath with neoprene bath swaddle

Finding Peace while Giving Your Newborn a Bath

Slow the pace, lessen the stress, and keep it real.

A well planned, warm, calm, happy bath is the connection to your baby that you both crave so deeply. It might even be what you expected, but not the reality of your situation. Don’t worry, it’s the bath, not you.

The happiest baby bath ever.

 Hospital recommended.

Grow With Me Set

Bath sets for every age and stage making a perfect baby shower gift. 


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Warm Hug™ Bath Swaddle

Marries your baby's natural body temperature to the bath water around them, keeping them warmer longer.


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Warm Heart™ Bath Bib

Gives growing babies more freedom of movement while keeping them warmer longer.


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Chubber Scrubber™ Bath Cloth

Just stick a finger tip into one corner then gently scrub your little one's neck, chin, arm, ear and toe folds.


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No Slip




Praise from customers


"We've been using Warm Hug and are loving it! It’s totally changed bath time for my newborn. She used to be very fidgety, but now she’s so relaxed and calm. I think you're definitely onto something!” 

Ashly, mom of 5-week-old

“Wow. The water stays so much warmer and he’s much less slippery! There are a lot of moving parts with bathing, and I’ve worried about dropping him. Now he’s secure and not slippery. Look at him, he’s so happy. So am I. I love the Warm Hug!”

Jessica, mom of 4-week old 

"It really does keep her warm. Her skin and body felt warmer to the touch and I couldn’t believe it. No more crying!"

Heidi, mom of 5 ½-week-old

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