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"Amber loves it and it keeps her so warm. If we don't use it, she cries. We are loving bath time together. It's our favorite time together. Thank you! - Crystal

"Warm Hug Bath Swaddle is a life saver at bath time"


"We brought our newborn home last week, and bath time has been tough without this bath swaddle. We tried wrapping a towel around her, but it got cold very quickly and she was miserable. We had our first bathtime with the Warm Hug Bath Swaddle towel this morning, and it was a dream. Our daughter was cozy and warm and actually smiled and cooed."- Chelsie


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"These bath swaddles are amazing! I wish I had heard of immersion bathing when I had my first child, she couldn't stand baths. I'm so happy that this exists to make bath time fun and stress free!"  - Heather B.

"A great product I didn't know I needed until I got it." - Amanda D

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Claire on crying - the Warm Heart Bath Bib

Hudson on the Warm Hug Bath Swaddle



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