What is a baby bath swaddle?

A baby bath swaddle is fabric used to loosely wrap baby prior to a swaddle immersion bath. It is the recommended way to bathe babies.


swaddle immersion bath, where the baby in the bath swaddle is submerged in warm (101 degree) water to their shoulders. It is becoming a popular option at hospitals, for both NICU and full-term babies because it is evidence based as the more gentle option.


93 percent of newborns cry at bath if they lay naked in their tub, and that number drops to 38 percent of babies who are swaddled, as per Edna Sailor who spearheaded the swaddle bathing program at Poudre Valley Hospital. Swaddle bathing was implemented "because it is a higher standard of care." It’s not just the baby who benefits. “Parents are more engaged. When their baby isn’t crying, parents feel more confident.”

While hospitals recommend swaddle bathing, the practice isn’t often adopted in the home. In response, Hummingbird Infant recently launched a unique collection of Warm Hug Bath Swaddles so baby can feel the security of womb like warmth in the tub. And bathers won’t feel like crying either, as a secure grip will have them feeling more confident washing a slippery, sudsy baby.


 Baby Bath Swaddle How Neoprene Works

Made of baby-soft neoprene, these bath swaddles are perfect for new babies and as a gift to parents to be. Warm Hug Bath Swaddles are available at Hummingbird Infant’s online store, and can be purchased as part of a Grow With Me Set, which includes bath swaddle, bath bib and super soft scrubber.


A June 20, 2019 review of the Warm Hug Bath Swaddle

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