What is a swaddle immersion bath? What is a baby bath swaddle?

What is a swaddle immersion bath? 

A swaddle immersion bath is the act of bathing your baby, while the baby is swaddled, to keep stress at a minimum.

And, a baby bath swaddle is simply the fabric they are in.

Does swaddle immersion bathing work?

93% of babies in a hospital sponge bath cry and show signs of stress, versus the 38% crying in a swaddle immersion bath, according to studies by the baby friendly UCHealth Poudre Valley Hospital Women’s Care Unit in Colorado, where swaddle immersion bathing got off the ground in May of 2017.

So, yes, it works. Obviously not 100%, but from nearly all babies crying to 38% is an admiral improvement in the standard of care!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Edna, who spearheaded the swaddle immersion program at UCHealth, about this program. It was clear that while this is a “developmental approach to provide the best standard of care,” it’s not just the baby who benefits. “Parents are more engaged. When their baby isn’t crying, parents feel more confident.”

“I get it. Baths the first few months are scary. I don’t bathe Blake until my husband gets home. He’s slippery and I’m afraid to do it without an extra set of hands,” said Jessica. 

We were there to see Jessica through on her first bath without her husband’s helping hands. Blake was just 4 weeks old. We provided her with a Warm Hug Bath Swaddle, and we’re happy to report, things went just fine. Blake wasn’t slippery. He was warm, calm and happy.

And, after that, Jessica was confident, too. This correlates nicely to what Edna reported at UCHealth.





A blanket in the bath sounds soggy for home use (but we encourage the effort!). Alternatively, try out our patent-pending Warm Hug Bath Swaddle made from heat-trapping, fast-drying neoprene for a peaceful, comforting bath experience for both of you. Dare we say, like a well-needed warm hug😊. And, about that slippery baby? Takes care of that issue, too.

Cheers to you, less stress, more love and the happiest baby bath ever.