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Our Purpose and Story

Hummingbird Infant believes that the key to happiness is understanding how to best connect with our babies and to one another.  Warm, calm, connected parenting. 

Our story is continually inspired by your story. Our community, our experts.

  • Hummingbird Infant shares #BabyBuzz in our blogging and social media forums, with a different daily focus to inspire parents in warm, calm, connected parenting
  • Warm, calm and connected parenting goes beyond Baby Buzz to the heart of product development at Hummingbird Infant. Our first product line is in bath, where the patent pending Warm Hug Bath Swaddle is designed to provide your baby with the warmest, calmest, happiest baby bath ever.

About Us:

Sarah A Day In the Life Adoption Momtrepreneur

Founder – Sarah Shoemaker:  Momtrepreneur. Mom of a birth child and an adopted child 8 years apart in age. #11 of 11 kids - 7 boys and 4 girls.

 Kathleen A Day In the Life Grandparent Baby Partner in Flight – Kathleen Grunhovd: Spent 33 years teaching. A mom of 3 boys. Two step sons and one birth son, all now fathers themselves. #6 of 11 kids. Sisters!


 Jessica A Day in my Life Pregnant Soon Two Under TwoMelissa A Day In My Life Foster Birth Parent Working Mom

Social Birds - Jessica and Melissa: Family. Our 2 nieces keeping Baby Buzz and Hummingbird Infant's social interesting. Pregnancy, young children and foster care are part of their lives now. 

Kendall: Our talented niece who did logo development and our graphic design as a part of Kunzler Studios.

We are two sisters and three nieces coming together as pregnant, foster, adoptive and birth parents. We live our warm, calm, connected purpose everyday in these roles. We are perfectly imperfect, but like you, doing the best we can. 

Our Launch Product

Our first product inspired by parent needs is called the Warm Hug Bath Swaddle. It allows for a warm, no-slip bath for a newborn and infant because it gives your baby a feeling of womb like comfort and support.

And about that kitchen table

It was cut out and designed while I was on a trip 'home'. My sister, Kathleen, instinctively grabbed a scissors and went right to it. Our dad watched on as the first prototype was cut out at his old farmhouse kitchen table. I borrowed his truck and off we drove to visit my niece and her 4-week-old baby. That was Jessica! Needless to say, she loved it. He loved it.

And when my teenage daughter who was there exclaimed, "Wow, Mom! It actually works!", that cemented it. The Warm Hug was born. And, Hummingbird Infant.

Our Personal Journey: Mom’s Nudge and Family

My mom’s nudge is what inspired our company name of Hummingbird Infant. Though she passed away several years ago, anytime I’m outside with my family we notice hummingbirds. We always think of Mom's spirit encouraging us to count our blessings, soak in the joy — and cut the nonsense (she and my dad raised 11 of us)! I’m sure she’d be thrilled watching us take flight. All of us. You, too!

Our Long Term Journey: Understanding

Parenting a newborn is an emotional journey. We are inspired by your stories. Let's work as a community of pregnancy, birth, adoptive and foster parents, along with sprinkling of 'truths' from the experts. Hummingbird Infant will act as a facilitator of conversation through our Baby Buzz blog and social outlets. As well as infant products that facilitate warm, calm, connected parenting -- inspired by parent needs