A Happier Baby Bath

 Step 1 - Get Ready

Gather supplies and fill bathing station with 3” warm water.

Why?: Faucet temperatures change, and you don’t want to accidentally scald or chill your baby.

Our solution? Prefill with water warm to your wrist or elbow.


Step 2 - Get Set

Undress your baby on a towel near the bath. Make sure you have an extra set of hands for the first baths.

Why?: Infants are especially slippery when wet.

Our solution? We recommend loosely swaddling in the Warm Hug and putting in the bath for no-slip bathing.


Step 3 - Keep baby covered during bath

Why? Babies have a hard time regulating core temperature. Newborns lose heat 4x faster than adults.

Our solution? Warm Hug Bath Swaddle with body-heat-retention fabric to keep baby warmer, longer.

The result is happier, warmer, stress-free baby baths. And, no-slip!


Step 4 - Give a good wipe down from head to toe

Why?: Thoroughly wash inside all the folds. Sweat, milk, and skin can gather in there causing nasty rashes. Keep the creases as clean and dry as possible.

Our solution? Chubber Scrubber Bath Cloths with corners to get into the sneaky spots where the gross stuff hides.