Why is a bath swaddle suddenly important for newborns and infants?

Nurses will tell you that maintaining temperature is important because when baby gets cold she uses up more glycogen to keep warm, which can lead to a newborn becoming hypothermic along with hypoglycemic. 

Parents will tell you, that the first baths are scary.

"I saw all of these photos of the happy baby bath. Filled the bath with warm water. I was nervous, but I took a deep breath, and confidently held him. I had my other set of hands get the camera ready. And click. The saddest photo of an ugly cry. I won't even post it. But it was not what was advertised."

Sound familiar?

No parent wants to feel this way. Like they're causing their child the ultimate stress.

"I want to be the one he can trust. I want to protect him and make sure he's welcomed into this world with love, not the equivalent of a garden hose down."

Now, I don't know if the garden hose down analogy is true, but I do know that babies lose heat 4x faster than an adult, so I suspect that's almost an equivalent.

Why is a bath swaddle suddenly important?  And, why haven't I heard of this before?

  • Babies have a hard time regulating core temperature. Baby-friendly hospitals have begun swaddle immersion bathing both NICU and full-term little bundles of joy as of May 2017 to decrease stress. You can do it at home too.
  • Swaddling imitates the womb, promotes calm and sleep. In the bath, where babies chill quickly, a Warm Hug Bath Swaddle guarantees to keep them warmer longer.
  • Even a calm baby in the bath is slippery. Keeping their head and neck supported and maneuvering the slippery, sudsy bath makes the loose swaddle over your baby a welcome addition. You can get a grip. No more slippery baby!
  • Bath time and crying are not a welcome combination.
  • A warm, calm, happy bath time is an important time for your bonding, connection, trust and love to shine through.

I get it. Makes sense. Which one is right for for my baby? 

Bringing the reassurance of loving, calming, womb-like weight, warmth and swaddled security to bath. Bath time has never felt so loving!

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