What Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day


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More so than ever this year, moms are stretched. They are often mom, 'chief of staff', 'housecleaner', 'teacher’, ‘principal mommy’, ‘lunch lady’, 'house manager', 'chef', 'errand runner', 'cleaner', 'earner'…..it’s no wonder the number one thing moms REALLY want for mother’s day this year is a break. 

The clear winner of what mom really wants this year is a break, according to a study by MiliMili with momtrepreneurs.

1. A break

... think solitude, think cocktail service, think of banning the phrase 'hey mom' for a couple hours

2. Coziness

...something that feels nice 

3. A future trip to look forward to

...no further explanation needed! Plan a future trip for her!

4. Stocked kitchen

...the kitchen has never been busier. Maybe something your home can share like these artisanal pretzels delivered to your door.

Of course, a sweet hand-drawn card will round out her day. No trips to the store required!

Happy Mother's Day to the tough mothers out there giving it their all.


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