What do I do? My baby’s helmet smell like a teenager’s football helmet

baby helmet

My baby’s helmet smell like a teenager’s football helmet. What do I do?

First: don’t worry, he thinks it smells like him. It doesn’t bother him. Much like when he becomes a teenager, right?

But, if it bothers you, which it most likely does, do not clean it with water. Water plus heat is an excellent breeding ground for fungus and mold. No thank you. 

Orthotists suggest using rubbing alcohol to clean it out.  It prevents fungal infection.

1. Rubbing alcohol --  use a toothbrush, dip in rubbing alcohol and scrub

2. Dry - sun dry or use a fan to dry your helmet

3. Done.

Don’ts: don’t submerge it in water, or clean it with water,as mold can grow.


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