5 Genius Tricks to CALM your Fussy Baby


Tips to Calm Your Fussy Baby

Try these tips to soothe your fussy baby:



1. Do the opposite of the current situation


  • Is it loud or busy where you are? Reduce stimulation
  • Bright? Go somewhere dark. 
  • Are you inside? Step outside.
  • Quiet? Increase stimulation. Vacuum, sing louder, play, shake a rattle, find a mirror and use reflections.

2. Talk it out. 

  • Try making eye contact and talking.
  • Don't know what to say? Anything, including complete gibberish, the alphabet song, your favorite stories, long lost hopes and dreams, or long lost song lyrics. 

3. Warm Hug Bath Swaddle.  

  • Being in the womb was pretty special for your baby. 
  • A Warm Hug Bath Swaddle mimics womb-like sensations to not only soothe babies and ease their colic, but provide a peaceful, comforting bath experience for both of you. 

4. Repetitive motion + repetitive soft sounds. 

    • Making your own white noise ( ex. 'mmmhmm') on repeat while holding and bouncing can work wonders.
    • The vibration of your voice can be both felt and heard while you are bouncing, rocking, or rubbing your baby's back.

5. Try a pacifier or assisting in falling asleep. 

  • Babies are born to suck. Pacifiers are often soothing.
  • With any luck your baby will fall asleep, and awaken less irritable.

Babies can cry for long bursts of time as they acclimate to their new world outside the womb. Often, this will be a discussion in your one month check up. Sometimes it is colic, gas, exhaustion, or your baby getting ill. If there is a lack of weight gain, feeding issues, or your baby turns colors or stops breathing from crying, see a Doctor immediately. Otherwise, know that from about 3 weeks to 12+ weeks, you may have to build a tool box of coping skills -- for you both.

Overwhelmed by the Crying?

Sometimes your baby can't be soothed, and what worked last time, won't work today. Doctors say if you are overwhelmed, it is OK to leave your baby in a safe place such as their crib, carseat or swing and walk away for a few minutes.  You will come back better able to parent.