Soothing Advice from A Nana and Mom. You’ll be ok.

Have a fussy baby? You're not alone. Following is some advice from a mom who has been there.

My advice is to not be too precious about keeping your baby in a quiet environment to soothe them, even if, or maybe especially if they have colic.

  • Within reason, be loud and proud. Sometimes it surprises them right out of it. The womb was a loud place. So, vacuum.
  • Go to your local sports event, even if it’s outdoors and the weather is imperfect, or their behavior isn’t as expected. They appreciate the sounds and the sights.
  • And take it from a grandma, baby cries aren’t that loud. You’re a-ok. We got out and about as often as possible. They got exposure to community, fresh air, germs, smiles, friends and family. Even when things didn’t go as planned, it was good for both of us. And, the whole community got to enjoy his colicky cries! I’m just sure they loved it.


Babies need a little extra love and swaddle as they get used to this world and work through all their changes. 


Personal advice:


My baby advice is to find the humor. Yes, there are difficult minutes, hours, even full seasons. But if somewhere you can find the humor in it all, it will help you to rise to the occasion.


It’s those moments you can’t believe you survived that make the best stories. Get some distance. Shake your head.


Then smile. Eventually laugh. Always love.


I have some great stories about my boys.  And when they are all here for sleepovers with Nana (me) and Uncle Mark (my youngest), we add to them.


More info:

 Warm Hug Bath Swaddle for bath time and colic relief

Here’s my granddaughter Claire from their Instagram using the Warm Heart Bath Bib



About Barb: Barb is the mom and nana we all aspire to be. She’s witty, funny, fun loving, compassionate, and somehow juggles being a mom of 5 boys and a nana to their babies, along with a full-time job and full-time life with ease, grace, resilience, love and laughter. She’s also part of the Hummingbird Infant  family.