Easy Family Idea to Give Back

It’s the season of giving. And for kids, the season of wanting. It’s so easy to get caught up in the thick of holiday planning and look back and say, “we really meant to feed the homeless.”  Or, “what have we done to instill our values to our kids?”

feeding those in need rescue missionWe DO love feeding those in need, but sometimes this is the time of year the rescue missions are overstaffed. Although they can always use greeters and conversationalists in addition to food and servers. Just ask. Otherwise, or in addition, collect items. Easy, daily, thoughtful impact.

We love this easy idea that makes a daily imprint of giving, without a big, lofty goal.

Simple. Helpful. Daily Action.

  1.Place an empty wicker basket out.

full food drive basket  2. Add one item per day (ex. canned food, toothpaste, clean socks, etc.)

december calendar  3. Choose an open date and deliver to a food bank.


As we have Advent Calendars in our tradition, this year we will plan our giving basket as a Reverse Advent Calendar. Instead of a piece of candy coming to us to countdown to Christmas, we will give to the basket to countdown to Christmas.

A blessed, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Winter Solstice, Yule, Kwanzaa, St. Nicholas Day, St. Lucia Day and other December holidays of religious and traditional significance to you!

This family idea works for all moments of celebration where thinking of others is your goal. A basket, an item a day, a delivery to those in need.

As you start to make the motion of helping someone each day, it will snowball into other actions that are natural for you and your families. Love to hear your ideas of giving in the comments, below.


Sarah is a birth mom, adoptive mom, wife, working mom and optimist. She is the founder of Hummingbird Infant. Sign up for our free confidence-boosting weekly Baby Buzz email for insights to help you in your parenting journey.