Relief for Colicky Babies

Have you ever taken a bath, and appreciated the water pressure when you personally are not feeling well? It turns out, that is only half of the battle with a newborn or infant. And if your baby has colic, they are especially in need of comfort.

The Warm Hug Bath Swaddle has been found to be helpful for infants with colic and those who previously hated bath. Why? Because it is soothing, especially for infants in their 4th trimester, adapting to the world. The Warm Hug Bath Swaddle is made with baby soft neoprene, so the baby’s own body heat warms the bath water around the, making bath time self warming and snuggly. Simply keep it open in the front and wash the baby in sections. It is designed to reduces an infant’s fussiness and colic because it mimics womb-like sensations. It can be thrown in the wash machine or rinsed after use, and it dries quickly

Colic is the nerve-wracking albeit temporary condition of excessive crying. It is a behavioral condition that is emotional for all involved. Some suggest probiotics with your Doctor’s permission, holding baby as much as possible, swaddling, noise machines, gripe water, and other ways to soothe and mimic the womb experience.

A parent dealing with colic is already exhausted. But there is a way to soothe colic with a ‘self-warming and snuggly’ bath swaddle.

colic baby

But up until now, the only way to add warmth was to continue to spike the water with warm cups of water or put a washcloth on your baby’s chest, both of which have downsides in temp control and longevity. The Warm Hug Bath Swaddle instead focuses on what your baby really desires. Warmth and snuggles.

Not only does this newborn and infant bathing process of a self-warming bath swaddle soothe babies and ease their colic, but it also provides a peaceful, comforting bath experience for parents. Reducing stress for everyone, and thus supporting warm, calm, connected parenting.


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