Top 10 Ways to Shine at Parenting and Grand-Parenting

Advice from Barb, a Mom of Five Boys and a Nana of Five Girls

5 boys

I’m one of 11 children. Then, I had five big, football player boys. Three of my boys now married with babies. Ironically, all girls. And, the babies keep coming. I just love it.  Often, people ask me for parenting and grand-parenting advice. I guess I’ve become somewhat of an expert.

Here’s what I tell them.

baby smooch

As you are raising your babies:

1. Bonding Time

Hold and snuggle your baby as much as possible (while they still let you).

2. Socializing 

Don’t be afraid to get out! I took my little ones out shopping, to ballgames,church, walks etc... just days old. It's good for both of you.

3. Exercise and Rest. Both equally important.

You'll be a better person, better mom and feel better when you get some form of daily exercise and adequate rest.

As you are raising your toddlers:

4. Eye contact

I love looking into my child’s eyes and really hearing them when they are talking to me.

5. Let them explore. All kids are washable.

So much learning and growing is happening while they go on walks, are jumping in puddles, painting, watching bugs, exploring sidewalk chalk, singing, blowing bubbles, playing in the sand etc... then bath time.


As these little people turn into preschoolers, elementary schoolers, high schoolers and young adults:

6. You are their biggest cheerleader

Always let them know how proud you of all their accomplishments no matter how small or big.

7. Pick your battles

Different situations and challenges can be great for teaching manners, kindness and life lessons for both you and your child.

As these young adults have their own babies and you find yourself an in-law and a grandparent:

8. Laugh often

Whether It be your little sweet heart getting into mom's makeup or the bathroom floor has been decorated with rolls of toilet paper. 

9. Hug often 

Tell your kiddos you love them daily with a big hug!❤️

10. ENJOY 

You are very blessed to be a parent. Enjoy watching this unique, one-of-a-kind personality grow!


About Barb: Barb is the mom and nana we all aspire to be. She’s witty, funny, fun loving, compassionate, and somehow juggles being a mom of 5 boys and a nana to their babies, along with a full-time job and full-time life with ease, grace, resilience, love and laughter. She’s also part of the Hummingbird Infant  family. Our sister.