Infant Massage


There are many types of infant massage, but these techniques are most universal for soothing.


How to ‘I Love U’

i love you infant massage“I Love U” stroke = clockwise

  • Trace the letter “I” down your baby’s left side three times, from ribs to hip
  • Upside down “L” by continuing your fingers across the belly at the base of the ribs from baby’s right side to left and down to her left hip
  • Stroke an upside down “U”, starting low on the baby’s right side, up and around navel, and down the left side. Clockwise.


Infant Massage for Gas Relief:

baby knees up manage gas

  • Hold her knees and feet together and gently press knees up toward her abdomen.
  • Rotate baby's hips around a few times to the right. Clockwise.

Soothing Warmth

  • Warmth on the belly can be soothing.

TIP: Try microwaving rice in a doll size pillow case, which can be a soothing warm compress. Just be sure to shake it up and test it on your wrist for an extended time so it’s not too hot.

  • A swaddle bath is soothing and womb like and makes bath easier, too.


Provide your favorite massage tips in the comments.


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