Mother’s Day Month Takeover - Heidi

We have questions for some pregnant mamas! Because we can all learn from one another.

This week Heidi is sharing her journey. Heidi is due August 17, 2019, and has a 2-year-old daughter, Claire. She currently works full-time and expects this to continue after she has her baby.

heidi expecting a baby with 2 year old

Me and My Pregnancy

What are the top things on your mind regarding your pregnancy at this point?

 My mind is focused on how things are going with my pregnancy. Is it going to be the same as last time? Will everything go well during the rest of the pregnancy?

And, then, after pregnancy I think about our family adjustment. I can’t wait to see our daughter become a big sister. But I don’t ever want her to forget how much her daddy and I love her.  We will be bringing another bundle of joy into this world, and that will take some of our attention away from her. 


Anything you are looking forward to after birth?

Drinking coffee and seeing our family grow to a family of four! 

Our growing family.  I can’t wait for our daughter to have a someone she can grow up with and form that sibling bond. 


Should we send you a neoprene coffee cozy to your delivery room?

Yes. A hot coffee sounds great. Send along a coffee cozy, but more importantly, the coffee! I miss my coffee. It helps me get through the day.


Anything you are not looking forward to?

Lack of sleep and even more crazy/chaotic days to come until we find that rhythm. Some days I feel like I don’t get any sleep and our days are already busy with one child. Now with a second child coming I know our schedule is going to go get even crazier with even fewer hours sleep.


Baby Bath Time

What are your thoughts on baby bath time? Any expectations? (Or had you not considered it at all?)

With our first child bath time was not my favorite task to do as a mom and is still challenging with a toddler. I always questioned myself is the temperature right? Will they get too cold or hot? Am I doing this right? 



What does the ‘perfect’ newborn/infant/baby bath time look like in your mind?


The perfect bath time would be our happy baby sitting comfortably in the bath while his older sister is talking to him. All of this is going on while I am getting him clean. Then when the bath is over taking him out of the bath and getting him in his sleepers with no tears or saddens. Just smiles of joy. 


Can we come back to you after you have your baby and learn more about your bath time experience, perhaps with our Warm Hug Bath Swaddle or Warm Heart Bath Bib?

Yes! See you with our baby boy in August or September!


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