Pregnancy, Baby on the Way and a New Family Dynamic to Come!

proud auntie proud auntie2

Proud aunties holding each other’s babies in the hospital. Coming July 3, there is another on the way!

Anyone else both look forward to that day, and wonder if there is enough time to prepare for that day?

Today we interview our OG Hummingbird Infant mama, Jessica. She is both original and exceptional. When Jessica was at home with her first baby about two years ago, Hummingbird Infant tried our first prototype of the Warm Hug Bath Swaddle with Jessica and her baby Blake. It turned the stress of bath into a meaningful moment. But, before we get to bath, she has a pregnancy to get through.

Q: What are the top things on your mind regarding your current pregnancy?

A: In no order, I have a lot of competing forces on my mind right now.

  1. Excitement for the family dynamic change.

We are so excited for Blake to be a big brother!

  1. Oh boy! And, girl! Tick Tock.

How am I going to do this being a new mom of two?

There are so many things left to get ready and not enough time!

  1. Love

Most of all how much I can’t wait to love on this sweet little girl, which leads into what I am looking forward to after birth. We are ready for her to experience the world and teach us new things as a family of four, but as we enter this new challenge, we are working on preparing for time commitments to be different, lifestyle changes, and overall family dynamics.

Jessica, we just love your perspective on her teaching you.


You are the original user of the Hummingbird Infant Warm Hug Bath Swaddle. So you’ve had swaddle bathing as a practice since the beginning.

Q: What are your thoughts on baby bath time with a two-year-old and infant?   

A: I am expecting them to be full of giggles and bubbles. I see big brother trying to be “helpful” and wanting to show his sister what it’s all about. Calmness is an expectation of what I have during this new experience of bath time for baby sister and giving Hummingbird Infant all the credit.  She will be warm and snuggled up to enjoy the simplicity of a warm bath, while big brother is using the Chubber Scrubber to help get her “clean”.

We can’t wait to be there for it again, Jessica. Giggles. Bubbles. Helping hands for the big brother. Simultaneously calm baby sister in a Warm Hug Bath Swaddle. We will be there with our cameras ready. This should be good!

Q: What does the ‘perfect’ baby bath time look like in your mind?

A: I can picture her first bath in the kitchen sink wrapped up in the Hummingbird Infant Bath Swaddle, being held by two strong hands in the warm water.  I look down to see a sweet babe’s face showing a smile or cue with excitement to the new experience, and of course from big brother’s silly faces he is making at her as he is ‘helping’.

Things don’t go as planned 90% of the time during motherhood, but that’s almost the best part. 

Each day you get a new chance to try again and make the experience better such as warmer water, different swaddle technique, less/more water (for brother to splash), and many more unknown moments coming our way!

It sounds like Jessica is already anticipating life with a 2 year old and an infant being anything but predictable. We are so excited for you Jessica. Hummingbird Infant is so thrilled to be a part of your memorable bath moments along the way. Much love. Warm Hugs and Warm Hearts to you all!

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