Jaycie: Spotlight on a Doggy Mom turned First-Time Mom to Be


pregnancy announcementSpotlight on Jaycie: Mother’s Day Month Takeover

Jaycie is a first-time pregnant mom. Or, first-time mom to be (but, don’t say that to her four-legged babies!). She currently works full-time as a Nurse/ Healthcare Coordinator at the intersection of demanding and flexible hours.

“I am on-call 24/7 so hope that once baby comes, this doesn't disrupt our lives too much. My boss is very flexible with hours which is nice and will continue to be nice once baby is here. We will both continue working full-time after baby.”

On call 24/7, I would say that you are in training for parenting!


How is coming out of your first trimester going?

I. AM. SO. TIRED. Anyone else constantly think,

"How is baby doing today?" 

"Am I doing everything I'm supposed to be doing?"

“When am I going to need maternity clothes?”

And then just, “I. AM. SO. TIRED.”


Ha! Yes, this sounds familiar. What are looking forward to after birth?


I am looking forward to the first moment when the doctor says whether we had a boy or a girl, my first look at my sweet baby, holding him or her for the first time and seeing Michael as a dad. I'm also looking forward to adding another sweet love to my already amazing family and watching them grow up in this family. 


Anything you are not looking forward to?

I am not looking forward to a winter maternity leave. I worry that being closed in the house with an Iowa winter and not much adult interaction will make me depressed. I plan to deal with this by staying active on the treadmill, workouts (when cleared by doc), etc. because that always makes me feel better. I'm also hoping with the holidays we will be spending more time with loved ones which will boost the spirits. 


It sounds like you have a good plan to stay social and active. Nothing like some adult interaction, holiday spirits (of both kinds!) and workout endorphins to help a mama funk. 😊




Me and My Baby to Be: Bath Time Expectations

With being so early in my pregnancy, I really haven't thought much about bath time. My only thought on bath time is that I LOVE taking baths so I want baby to enjoy this time, as well. (Although I don't think bath bombs and epsom salt are baby appropriate 😉)

In a perfect baby bath scenario, I picture my husband and I in our bathroom, baby in their little bath tub with warm water and a warm bath sheet covering them. I can imagine the smell of baby shampoo with their little toes splashing around and baby smiling. I imagine this happening once we get home from work and making our stressful day seem completely worth it, so in love with this sweet baby.


We hadn’t thought of it that way, but bath sheet for warms is a great description of the Warm Hug Bath Swaddle or Warm Heart Bath Bib. We just add neoprene so that your baby stays warm.

Can we we come back to you after your November birth and see how bath time goes?


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