How to Throw A Great Couples Baby Shower

Whether it is your friend or family member, throwing a baby shower is a great way prepare for and celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new little one! Here are some tips for throwing a great couples baby shower:

  1. Set a date and send out invitations: Choose a date that is convenient for the majority of the guests and send out invitations at least a few weeks in advance. Consider including both the parents' names on the invitation to make it clear that it is a couples shower. A link to the parents' baby registries is helpful, as are practical, yet unique baby gifts.

  2. Choose a theme: A theme can help to tie everything together and make the shower more cohesive. Some popular baby shower themes include "diapers and wipes," "books," "baby animals," and "baby's first wardrobe."

  3. Plan the menu: Consider the parents' dietary preferences and allergies, and try to include a mix of sweet and savory items. Don't forget to have non-alcoholic beverages available as well.

  4. Choose games and activities: Baby showers are a great opportunity for guests to have fun and celebrate the new arrival. Some classic baby shower games include "guess the baby food," "diaper raffle," and "name that baby tune."

  5. Consider incorporating practical gifts: In addition to traditional baby shower gifts, consider asking guests to bring items that the parents will actually use, such as diapers, wipes, and other essential baby items. 

  6. Don't forget the favors: Favors are a small way to thank guests for attending the shower. Consider giving out small items like candy, candles, or small potted plants.

With these tips and special touches unique to the new parent, you will throw a terrific baby shower to be remembered.