How to Shower With Your Baby

You CAN shower with your baby. Whether he or she likes it depends on your baby and their level of comfort.


Some of the benefits of showering with your baby include:

  • Skin to skin time is a wonderful time to bond with your baby
  • Faster than bathing
  • Let down for breastfeeding moms can come easier in the warm water

Downfalls of showering with your baby include:

  • Scary
  • Slippery baby, slippery floor, slippery self
  • Water temperature 


How to Shower With Your Baby 


1. YOU shower first. 
2. Then, prepare two cloths, 1 dry and 1 pre-soaped and wet.
3. Water at warm but not hot temperature of just over 100 degrees F.
4. Most water hits you. Baby gets remnants.
5. Add slip resistance. Consider using a bath swaddle or thin towel.
Add warmth. Consider a Warm Hug Bath Swaddle.

how to give your baby a shower


 HOT TIP: "Sometimes YOU need a shower, and you are home alone with your baby. Bring your baby's bouncy seat into the bathroom. Undress them, loosely wrap them in the Warm Hug Bath Swaddle, clip them into their bouncy just outside your shower door.  Finish by giving your baby their shower." 


1. You First

  • You need two hands to shower.


2. Dry Cloth + Wet, Pre-Soapy Cloth Ready for Your Baby

  • Dry cloth is necessary to dry the water spritz from baby's eyes. Nobody likes water to the face. The flannel side of the Chubber Scrubber Bath Cloth is nice. 
  • Pre-soapy wet cloth for cleaning your baby. Why? Your bar soap is too slippery, and so is messing around with your baby soap bottle. You don't want to risk dropping your baby. We're all tired. It would devastate you. Prevent it.

    3. Baby Shower Water is Baby's Temp (not yours)

    • The same rule applies to bath or shower. Warm, but not hot to your elbow or wrist. 100 - 101 degrees if you have a thermometer.
    • This is not the same as your steamy shower. Babies have VERY sensitive skin. What feels nice and warm to you, might be too hot for your baby. 


        4. Most Water Hits You

        • You should be the one taking the shower with your baby just outside the main water stream. Water temperatures fluctuate. If you get a hot burst, you should be the one to take it.. 
        • Optimally, someone will hand your baby off to you wrapped in a Warm Hug Bath Swaddle (or you will hand off to your partner). Then you or your partner can be in an ear shot and get things done, too. 
        • Alternatively, your baby is in the room with you in their bouncy seat and you simply remove them and have them join you for the final moments

          5. Get a Grip and Feel Warm and Cozy

          More than the shower floor being slippery, a wet body is slippery. Especially when you add soap. You are going to want a vice like grip.

          Traction Tips: 

          • Gloves. The $1 spot gloves can provide the grip you're longing for.
          • Wrap your baby for traction and warmth
            • Warm Hug Bath Swaddle is designed to help you both get a grip  and keeps baby warm because of the neoprene keeping baby warm
            • Alternatively, wrap your baby in a thin towel or swaddle. It may not have the warming effects, and stay sopping wet for awhile, but it will give you necessary traction

          6. Warm, Calm, Connected

          • Loosely wrapping with a bath swaddle will help them feel warm. Especially if it is neoprene based.

          • From their point of view it could be an amazing, loud, womb-like swishing sound, or, it could be scary. Follow your baby's lead.
          • Don't be surprised if your baby finds the shower too overwhelming. Try again at around 6 months or so, as their temperament and development allows.


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