How do I do a swaddle immersion bath?

Doing a swaddle immersion bath is recommended by baby-friendly hospitals and is as easy as 1-2-3. The Warm Hug Bath Swaddle is the best available and a great price. To do a swaddle immersion bath:

  1. Loosely swaddle or wrap your baby.
  2. Immerse in 3” of warm (101 degree or warm to your elbow or wrist) water. You will open the swaddle and wash your baby in sections, ending with their head.
  3. Enjoy the benefits.
    1. Even newborns drop their cry rate from 93% to 38% when a swaddle immersion bath is given. Take out one of the stresses for you and your baby!
    2. Those first few months when babies can’t support themselves, bath time is slippery. A swaddle makes them both calm and easier to handle.
    3. The startle reflex is natural. Being swaddled makes your infant feel secure when they startle. Again, calm. Aah.
    4. Babies lose heat 4x faster than adults, making bath time a stress experience. A bath swaddle, especially one made with neoprene-based fabric will keep them warmer longer. No need for either of you to suffer through the stress.


While you can use any fabric for a bath swaddle, some of your swaddle fabrics are more suitable than others for water, warmth and easy clean up.


Parents have high praise for the Warm Hug Bath Swaddle. Five stars the last time we checked. 

The Warm Hug Bath Swaddle keeps your baby warmer longer because it’s made from naturally heat-trapping neoprene. It’s warming, fast drying and a guaranteed peaceful, comforting bath experience for both of you or your money back. And, about that slippery baby? The fabric of the Warm Hug Bath Swaddle takes care of that issue, too.


Sarah is a birth mom, adoptive mom, wife, working mom and optimist. She is the founder of Hummingbird Infant and shares this so parents understand the latest in newborn bathing. Sign up for our free confidence-boosting weekly Baby Buzz email for insights to help you in your parenting journey (across all facets of parenting) in those dumbfounding yet amazing first years.