Get Ready for Spring! January Plan-uary!

Melissa has a sweet blondie family comprised of many layers. She and her husband have three children and are also the loving foster parents to two little ones. We all have our truth. She has 5 kids. Her truth to share today: her comfort in a January checklist. 

If your house is anything like mine, we are just now almost recovered from the chaos of the holidays. Our schedule is looking a little more manageable and we are back into school routines, which is helping all of us keep our sanity. 

This natural lull in the year may be a good time to do some evaluating and planning, at least that is what I like to use January for around our house.  But I live in Iowa, so in January there are a lot of days when it is too cold to be outside and the sunshine is pretty much buried until March – a little checklist keeps me motivated and looking ahead to Spring!  So whether you like to stay busy, are looking for something to help you survive winter, or just like checklists...consider some of these options for your continued holiday recovery.

  •  Make a 2018 family album! It is great to do this in the early part of 2019 while memories are fresh and pictures are more easily accessible.
  •  Evaluate and plan for your kids. Take some time to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, then consider what things in the year can help continually build up their strengths or strengthen a weakness they may have.
  • Out with the old, in with the new.  As you make room for newly unwrapped toys and goodies, fill up donation boxes with things that you’re no longer using.
  • Create a list of 2019 projects.  My hubby and I take a night and plan through projects, travels and other expenses for the calendar year.  Of course things change and you have to be flexible, but it is good to take some time to think about what is coming your way and what you want to accomplish. 
  • Be intentional with your community. This could be a group of friends or the community that you live in, either way consider starting something that goes on your weekly or monthly calendar that includes you building relationships with those around you. Maybe a book club? A volunteer opportunity? A regular playdate with other stay-at-home moms?
  • Choose something to let go of.  Is there anything on your calendar that you committed to at one time in your life, but now it is no longer a good fit for you or your family? As your family changes, there is no shame is also changing where you spend your time. Free up some space for something that’s more important to you today.
  • Pick one small change towards health. I don’t want to encourage a 2 week all-out stint at the gym…something that my not last long and could even cause injury. Instead, I’d suggest to pick one small health-related change that could benefit you or your whole family. Maybe you swap out cleaning supplies or an option that’s chemical free? Or you could take advantage of family swim time at your local community center to be active together? It could be that you’ve been meaning to stop drinking soda for a long time, and this is the year that you stop stocking your fridge with it.  You decide.
Melissa is a foster mom, birth mom, wife, working mom and optimist. She shares her story here as a testament to all types of parents, doing the best they can. Sign up for our free confidence-boosting weekly Baby Buzz email, helping your parenting journey.