Forget The C-Suite — You’re A MOM-EO (Mommy Executive Officer)!

Two of the most important events that will ever happen in a person’s life are having a baby and starting a new business. While most people choose to do these at separate times, there’s nothing stopping you from jumping headfirst into a major life change in both areas. But before you put on your entrepreneurial and maternal/paternal hat, prepare yourself for the challenges.


Reducing Stress

There’s no point in beating around the bush: Having a baby is stressful. Likewise, getting a new business off the ground can be an anxiety-filled roller coaster ride. Fortunately, there are many ways to alleviate the stress of each.


For many parents, one of the most stressful things about having a new baby is bath time. Tiny little bodies get cold easily and they don’t like to let go of warmth. Hummingbird Infant products were developed using the input of three pediatric nurses and countless parents. These bath swaddlers regulate your baby’s temperature and keep them warm longer. This will result in less crying and a faster bath experience.


As a parent, another source of stress that you may not have felt until now is the worry over your finances. When you’re single, it’s easy to take the stance that you can just find a new job or a new apartment if things go south. It’s not that cut and dry anymore. Now that you run your own business, you should know that your personal assets might be at risk if your business goes downhill or faces a lawsuit for any reason. To reduce this type of liability, form an LLC using a formation service. This will keep money in your pocket (because lawyers are expensive) and you’ll have management flexibility should you grow in the future.

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Next up: Establish a routine. Parents magazine suggests that part of this should be making a sleep plan for your baby. You also want to know when you plan to feed them and, as they get older, have predictable play and activity times. Knowing your baby’s schedule can help you better plan your office hours. And considering that business owners often work upward of 50 or more hours per week, having a schedule in place is crucial so that you can achieve work/life balance.

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Practical Matters


Squashing stress also requires that you’re diligent in every area of your parenting and professional planning. One of the biggest things to remember here is to be practical in both. If you work from home (especially), you’ll need to be able to access your baby and your work almost all the time. It can help to have a bassinet or enclosed play area in your home office. 

When your little one is napping or still sleeping in for the morning, use a baby monitor to listen and watch for signs they might be waking up. In many cases, watching their movements will give you enough time to save your work so that you can tend to your little one in the early morning hours. Do keep in mind that not every noise coming from your baby’s mouth means they are waking up — you will learn their sleep sounds soon enough. But if you do find that your baby is routinely rising much earlier than you’d like, What To Expect notes they might be going to bed too early. Try moving their bedtime later in 10-minute increments until they rise at a time that makes the most sense for your family's lifestyle. Chances are, you're most productive in the morning, so buying yourself even an extra half an hour can help you get more done during your day.

They say having a baby changes everything. Well, having a business does, too. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy both. With the above tips, you can be less stressed and ready for success from the bassinet to the boardroom. Let Hummingbird Infant be a part of this journey. Shop now.

 Guest blog post. Written by: Jenna Sherman, Parent-Leaders