Home Stretch With A High Risk Pregnancy

pregnancy glowWe caught up with Whitney and what's on her mind as she comes to the close of her pregnancy. While she's in the airline industry, she's on bed rest right now, so not flying high, but rather laying low for health.


Q: How do you expect your work situation will stay the same or differ after baby?


A: I am afraid it will become more difficult with my newborn at home, I work in the airline industry and my shift is extremely early – it will be so sad to leave my baby sleeping.


Q: How can others support to you as an expecting mom right now?


A: My boyfriend and family has been incredibly supportive – they help me with whatever I need and accompany me to all my appointments.


Q: What, if anything, has surprised you during your pregnancy?


A: The minor things, such as high proteins, that can impact what kind of pregnancy you carry.


Q: What are your thoughts on what your life will look like those first few months after baby? Say, a ‘typical’ day? ‘Good’ day? ‘Tough’ day?


A: I have tried to not get ahead of myself to not start feeling nervous, but I believe that with all the support of everyone around me things will go smooth, I hope Jayden will be as easy going as possible!


Q: What are the top things on your mind regarding your pregnancy at this point?


A: Since I am considered a high-risk pregnancy due to high pregnancy proteins, I am taking care of myself to avoid all the problems I could encounter throughout the end of my pregnancy – luckily until now I have not come across any of them and we are praying it all remains this way.


Q: We are happy to hear that! Keep taking care of yourself.  Do you like being pregnant? We know not all women love the experience.


A:  I have enjoyed my pregnancy all along, it’s been great to get all the love and attention from everyone!


Q: How are you coping with bed rest? Any tips and tricks?


A: Just be patient. I'm only supposed to get up to eat, shower and use the rest room. But it is difficult to do that every single day. No surprise, I've watched lots of Netflix. Every series possible. (Although when pushed for a favorite, she's going with "Pretty Little Liars." So, if you're reading this while nursing, or on bed rest, give it a watch!)



Q: Anything you are looking forward to after birth?


A: I am looking forward to meeting my baby boy, Jayden Ryan, spending time with him and loving him nonstop.


Q: Nonstop loving sounds perfect. Anything you are not looking forward to? 


A:  Going back to work and having to leave my baby at home, it makes me nervous.

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Q: It's always tough to go, but it makes the homecomings that much sweeter. Which moves us into some of the activities that happen after work. What are your thoughts on your baby’s bath time? Any expectations?


A: Since this is my first baby, I don’t really have any expectations – I just hope that my Hummingbird Infant Bath Swaddle makes it easier and warmer!


Q: We promise - it will! Who will give the baths?


A: Most likely me, but of course we want to try to get daddy to help out!


Q: Bath time, if Jayden is comfortable, can be a really nice time together! I'm sure daddy will want to partake. What does the ‘perfect’ newborn/infant/baby bath time look like in your mind?

A: Jayden enjoying his bath and staying warm


Thank you for chatting with us. We’d love to do it again in July to see how you’re all doing. Especially with bath time. Can we check back in after you have your baby and learn more about bath? Perhaps with a Warm Hug Bath Swaddle and Warm Heart Bath Bib?

"Of course, it will be fun to catch up and see how different everything will be once my baby is here."


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