Anyone concerned about labor and delivery? Q&A with a Labor & Delivery/OB nurse

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This week, we spotlight McKenna, a newlywed and first-time mom to be who happens to have very useful experience. She is a Labor & Delivery/OB nurse. So, while many of us don’t know what to expect, McKenna is working nights helping to bring babies into the world.

McKenna, your experience brings up a question.

Q: I know nurses give the best to everyone, but let’s just say I need extra help with nursing after birth, or with the suspenseful bathroom visits, or any number of pre or post birth moments. In addition to using respect, any suggestions on how new mamas can be their own best advocate for care, and still be a good, or even favorite patient?

A: My best advice for new mamas is to just educate yourself as much as possible.

  1. This does not necessarily mean google everything you hear about, but speaking with your Dr. at each appointment, in order to know what to expect when it comes to your labor and delivery/hospital stay.
  2. There is no such thing as a stupid question especially when it comes to the care of you and your baby.
  3. Ask for help whenever needed, use good communication with your nurse and lactation consultant. If you feel you need more help/education with nursing, tell your nurse that. If you feel like your nurse is overbearing and you want to try a nursing session on your own, tell your nurse that. Communication is key! Tell them exactly how you are feeling, your fears, what you feel good about, or your concerns.
  4. Lastly, being a "favorite patient" is simple! Using manners and saying please and thank you :)

Q: How will your work situation be the same or different after your baby arrives in July?

A: My work situation will be the same once I come back from maternity leave at 12 weeks. I work nights, so it will be quite an adjustment for me and my husband. Definitely going to have to learn how to function on a lot less sleep than I currently get but I am sure we will figure it out together.

Q: What are the top things on your mind regarding your pregnancy at this point?

A: Because we didn't find out the sex, I spend a lot of time thinking about if it’s a boy or a girl and all the differences that come along with each. Spend a lot of time just praying for health.

Q: Anything you are looking forward to after birth?

A: To find out if it’s a boy or a girl haha :) Just bonding with the baby, seeing what he/she looks like, seeing my husband become a dad.

Q: Anything you are not looking forward to? 

A: Things I am not looking forward to are all the hormonal changes and sleep deprivation.

A: Because of my occupation as an OB nurse, I give many baby baths so I have an idea of what to expect. I know that newborns don't really enjoy bath time so to make it short and sweet. Safety and warmth are the most important things when it comes to bath time! I love as they get older, they start to enjoy baths and see it as play time.

Q: Who will give the baths?

A I’m putting my husband in charge of bath time since I give baby baths daily…he’s not as excited about that as I am ha ha!

Practice makes perfect, and it looks like he’s already trying out the Warm Hug Bath Swaddle and Warm Heart Bath Bib on himself. So, he’s got this.

Q: What does the ‘perfect’ newborn/infant/baby bath time look like in your mind?

A: A perfect newborn bath to me would be a very tired baby who sleeps through the whole thing. Maybe giving us some cute sleepy smirks. Nice warm water with just a little bit of soap, baby swaddled in something warm. The bath itself last less than 4-5 minutes. Newborns are often sleepy after a bath, so afterwards I'd put babe in a clean sleeper and hat (especially if there is a lot of wet hair), enjoy the sweet baby smell, swaddle up and cuddle before bed.

That sounds amazing. Stress free. Warm, calm and connected. All the reasons we designed the Warm Hug Bath Swaddle.

Thank you for chatting with us. We’d love to do it again in July to see how you’re all doing. Especially with bath time. (We know your ‘shook’ photo is just for fun dad. You’ll love it!)

“Yes, let’s do it!”

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